How to Gain Your First Thousand Instagram Followers In Malaysia

How to Get 1k+ Instagram followers

It’s no secret that commercial opportunities continue to increase on Instagram. About 95% of Instagram one billion monthly active users have an account for business within the Instagram platform. There are more than 200 million accounts for businesses. However, here’s the thing If you’re not famous, it’s a challenge to build a massive following on Instagram without a lot of effort. Getting at least 1,000 high-quality followers for your professional or personal Instagram account is possible. It’s all about knowing how to put in your energy and effort. In this article, Social Followers has looked at some strategies that can assist you in gaining followers by creating a worthy Instagram account utilizing contests and remaining consistent with your brand.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram Malaysia

  • Turn your account into an official profile for your business and improve the description.
  • Choose a skilled content creator.
  • Make sure you follow the best editing and photography techniques.
  • Follow the regular posting schedule.
  • Let outside contributors help you curate your content.
  • Utilize a consistent, specific brand voice that is platform-specific.
  • Write engaging, shareable captions.
  • Learn about the latest formats for content.
  • Create content that your followers want to be able to use.
  • Make sure you promote your Instagram.
  • Engage users by following comments, likes, and follows.
  • Cross-promote with influencers or brands with audiences similar to yours.
  • Create Instagram contests to boost participation.
  • Discover Instagram Stories’ interactive features.
  • Utilize Instagram Live to make use of the Instagram Live feature.
  • Share your profile’s URL on your website and social media platforms.
  • Post content created by users.
  • Request an official badge.

If your company’s name is already used, you can keep your business name as the first line of your username so that people looking for your company will more likely find you. For instance, Lorna Jane, an Australian active wear brand Lorna Jane uses the username Lornajaneactive.

2022 Instagram Engagement Report

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Setting Up Your Account

Step 1: Add your complete business name in your “Name” field in the “Options” section. To access “Options,” tap the three lines in the upper left corner of the iOS application, followed by “Settings,” which will appear on the lower left below the gear. Suppose you’re using Android; tap the three dots on the corner. In search results, your business name or company name will show under your profile photo and your username.

Step 2: Create your account public. To make your Instagram profile publicly accessible, log into Instagram, click “Options,” and ensure that “Private Account” is turned off.

Step 3: Select a profile image that’s in line with the other social media networks, for example, the logo of your business.

Step 4: Include captivating bio information and practical and valuable details about your brand. This information lets your customers know about your company and motivates them to follow your brand. Make sure you mention who you are and the things you’re up to, and add a bit of your personality.

Step 5: Add a link tree to your bio to make it easier for users to jump straight from Instagram to other platforms if they wish to. The space for URLs is valuable for real estate. If you have more than 10,000 fans, you can include links in your Instagram stories. In the meantime, your bio is the only Instagram area where you can put clickable links. So, use it carefully. We suggest using a shorter or personalized bitly link to make it more clickable.

Step 6. You can enable notifications to be aware of how many people like or comment on your pictures. This will allow you to interact with them more quickly, as many businesses do on Twitter. If you want to enable notification, click “Options” and “Push Notification Settings.” Choose “From Everyone” for every category. A word of caution It is not recommended to connect your Instagram accounts to Twitter and Facebook (or any other platforms for social media) to make automatic postings. Since each platform is designed to serve various audiences and requires different kinds of posts.

Select a professional content writer who is expert In it.

Similar to the way you’d want at most one (maybe two) individuals who manage your other social media accounts, your Instagram account will be only two or three people who work your account on Instagram. If you can, pick someone with experience with the platform that will “get” it — and make sure they’re informed of all the new features Instagram offers, from Reels to IGTV. If you’re a part of an organization with many employees, many people would like to have a say in what’s published. This is when a formal guideline or request can come in useful.


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