Ideas And Tips to Customize Great Looking Instagram Feed

Ideas and Tips to Customize Your Instagram Feed
Instagram is one of the most overrated platforms these days, as it is now a proper business site through which people are earning in great digits. There are different categories of people who can be found on the platforms of Instagram. For example, some are influencers, who influence people by updating them about their daily life routines. Some are bloggers; mostly these are the profiles that are considered the entertainment hub. Then we have the followers, those profiles who are not interested in influencing anyone but simply following their favorite Influencers just to get entertained, as they find social media as nothing but an entertainment ground. But no matter which profile you are connecting to this platform, you have to clear this very thing in your mind. Customizing your Instagram account is the main thing. No matter if your account is public or private. You’ve to show your visitors what about which your audience and what’s your interest. Build a massive following and follow the relevant accounts. Create a strong-oriented audience by buying followers or running ads. All you have to do is generate more audience. People nowadays judge each other through their Instagram accounts, the posts they share and the content they like to follow. So it is like, in the modern era, Instagram is your new modern data through which people understand your personality and get close to you in a more proper way.

Why Is Customization Important?

Customization for your Instagram profile is very important as it gives your Instagram account a proper shape. It highlights the main events and hides and archives the ones that are not supposed to be followed or seen. Your Instagram customization allows your followers to understand your taste in likings and dislikings, your standards. Plus, maintaining things is a cool thing, right? You would not feel relaxed in your messy room or messy apartment, but on the other hand, if your room and apartment are all cleaned up and decorated, it can be a source of happiness for you, right? As it is, after a few times, your account needs some cleaning, upgrading, and decorations. Furthermore, keeping your account active is also a good thing to do to make your Instagram more effective. Here are some cool tricks through which we can upgrade and customize our Instagram IDs in a very proper and cool way.

A Cool Profile Picture

“Modern problems require modern solutions.” A cool dip is a modern solution to the modern problem of customization. It is said that ”the first impression is the last impression.” So, keeping this quote in mind, just make this fact very clear to you: your DP, which stands for ”display picture,” is your profile’s first impression. And to attract your audience and followers, just keep your first impression very cool, so that people will have a cool impact on you in their minds. Also, it will encourage them to follow you.

Interesting Bio

Now the second thing that requires most of your focus is your bio. A bio is the modern-day version of a CV or a glimpse into your personality. So be careful about whatever you are writing in your Instagram bios. A short, catchy bio is preferable as compared to long ones. Because a lot of people never pay attention to what the bio is saying if it is very long or has flowery language, because nobody is going to open their dictionary just to understand your bio. So make it simple, quick, and easy to understand. So that your followers can easily understand your concern and feel delighted to talk to you and follow you for a long time.

Highlight Updates

Highlight games are an important tool to capture your followers’ attention towards the events that are quite important to them. They are to let the followers see it without facing any problems. The followers spend a lot of time finding out their favorite posts. Whereas highlights made it quite easy for the users to get access to their favorite posts, videos, and events of their favorite influencers.

Eye-Catching Posts

Now, this is one of the most underrated yet important things that they don’t understand. Posts play a real part in the game of Instagram. Influencers are supposed to update their followers but in a very decent way. And by “decent ways,” it means posting good quality content. The posts should be interesting, interactive, and easy to approach and understand. Furthermore, regular posting is a plus point but unnecessary posts are always not appreciated by the followers and the audience. So try to be more accurate, decent, and full of amazingness.

Live Streaming

Instagram live streaming is a big yes for all the influencers as their followers love to keep themselves updated about their favorite influencers. It is something that can keep the followers connected with the lives of their favorite influencers.

Live Sessions

Live sessions are also very important. Followers can get a chance to see their favorite Instagram influencers live. Also, nowadays, followers eagerly wait for their favorite influencers to come and update them about their daily lives.

Regular Updates

Regular updates are very important as this is one of the main reasons why people follow their favorite Influencers. Also, regular updates help the followers stay connected with the influencers, and it never gets boring for the followers at all.

Informative Videos

Informative videos are a big yes because, by just watching random reels and videos of entertainment, everyone looks forward to learning something new. This means, if an influencer posts something that is an amalgamation of fun and information, then it would be very great. One of its major leading examples is teaching some new makeup trends to its followers. It helps them to learn, and it is not a very dry topic, so it cannot make the followers get bored, for sure.

The Introduction of New Things and Trends

As mentioned earlier in this article, the informative stuff always attracts the followers to be in touch with their favorite influencer, plus, it makes the followers wait eagerly for their favorite influencer to post something new and exciting.

A Pure Form of Entertainment

One basic thing that should be kept in mind while customizing your Instagram account is that you must make your posts entertaining. Because the world is already so packed with rudeness and depression, people are always looking forward to some fun activities to pass their time. It helps them to forget their worries and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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